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What to Wear

What not to wear: 

Before your boudoir session, avoid tight clothing that will leave marks on your skin. Bras, panties and socks are all great for leaving red lines on your skin. It’s best to avoid them and come to your boudoir session in yoga pants, a lose shirt, or a slip on dress.

What to wear:

There are so many options in what to wear. Be sure to check out my pinterest page for ideas.


–  matching bra and panty set dressed up with heels and jewelry

– one of his t-shirts, a cute pair of socks, a bottom down dress shirt and tie or a jersey from his favourite sorts team. Be sure to pair these with a cute pair of panties

– corsets and bustiers are always flattering

– stockings, garter belt and heels

– a little black dress

– nothing

Trouble Spots:

We all ‘think’ we have them, right?! I’ll ask you ahead of time what areas you think are your trouble spots so that I know how to pose you best so that you will love your photos. We’ll also discus lingerie options designed to help reduce with trouble spots.

Feel free to text me photos of your outfit ideas! I love giving feedback on how the garment will work for us in the boudoir session and then I can plan ahead with backdrop sets