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look for clean panties

jenna simpson

I’ve been on a bit of a lingerie spending spree!!! Just last week I’ve bought three new pieces. I love lingerie!

When I try on my lingerie before buying I try on the top part but I never try on the underwear, because I don’t need to. I know I am always a size medium. So I just leave the panties on the hanger.

Last week I did this. I had a few outfits and after trying them all on, I narrowed it down to two outfits and took them to the cash to pay for them. While there,  I noticed dirty panties on my hanger! I pointed it out to the cashier telling her, obviously I was going to pass on this item. I wasn’t upset. It happens, right?! Not everyone will try lingerie on with your own panties on. The manager gave me a couple of gift cards for 10% off as an apology.

jennas boudoirLater that week, I was lingerie shopping again, in a different store, in a different city and I was going through a rack of panties…and notices dirty panties! I’ve never really looked for this before, but now I do, and it’s there!

Before purchasing your beautiful lingerie, before even trying it on, check the panties!