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jennas boudoir

A bridal boudoir shoot — isn’t that the best idea for a wedding gift?! It’s what my groom is getting for his gift on the wedding day. Traditionally, the bride and groom exchange gifts on the day of the wedding. I found this to be difficult, to find the right gift for him. My plan B option was a BBQ set. That’s a pretty generic gift, right?! Isn’t it better to give something more personable? Or something that has meaning to your relationship? A bridal boudoir book is the perfect, personable, wedding gift!

That plan B BBQ set, might be easily forgotten. But, I doubt he’ll forget the beautiful images I laid out for him in his boudoir book, with a wedding veil wrapped around my body or me in his oversized t-shirt. Let me tell you, he didn’t even recognize the t-shirt was his! He’s seen maybe four images from my boudoir session and I’m saving the rest for the wedding day. I finished his book today.

So, enough about me…and my wedding gift…back to you…and why you should have a bridal boudoir session if you’re a planning bride

You will love his reaction when he opens your wedding boudoir book because he wouldn’t have been expecting such a sexy gift! These photos will be loved for years, by both of you.

When planning your bridal boudoir wardrobe, consider your honeymoon lingerie, your white wedding lingerie, and your veil as options. Don’t forget the stockings and heels! Another fun idea is to bring some if his clothing…maybe a bottom-down shirt, or a ball cap. And of core, any other favourite lingerie you might have.

For high quality boudoir photos, you’ll need to search out a professional experienced boudoir photographer. Adjusting lighting and creating angles with the body are key. I’ve studied posing in boudoir photography in both Vegas and California. I was all over the ‘tight tummy’ (that’s when you suck it in) and trying to remember which way my shoulders and hips looked best depending on where my photographer was. (I’m a hippy girl) It’s an impossible knowledge for me to turn off. I kind of worry how I’ll be on the wedding day with family portraits! I totally see my running the assembly line of family members in and out, haha

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hahaha I LOVE this photo! Angela is letting her lashes set on the left eye…and I kind of look like a crazy lady!!! Aren’t lashes gorgeous?!

boudoir makeup

My original plan was to get a few friends together for a boudoir shoot, but with our date of a Friday session, people working, family emergencies, and busy lives, — it ended up just being my friend Angela and I. I love our hair and make-up, by Polish Day Spa

boudoir makeup

My before and after photo:

I had a very rushed morning! I set my alarm clock an hour late so I was up and out of the house within 3min to get to my styling appointment

jenna simpson

…and here is one of my teasers of the day

My friend Shayne at SB Images took our photos for the day! I haven’t seen any of Angela’s teasers but I did see them off the back of the camera and they are stunning! We used the boudoir studio in Picton which I have until the end of October and then I think the owner has other plans for the house.

boudoir ontario Kingston

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jenna simpson

I’ve been on a bit of a lingerie spending spree!!! Just last week I’ve bought three new pieces. I love lingerie!

When I try on my lingerie before buying I try on the top part but I never try on the underwear, because I don’t need to. I know I am always a size medium. So I just leave the panties on the hanger.

Last week I did this. I had a few outfits and after trying them all on, I narrowed it down to two outfits and took them to the cash to pay for them. While there,  I noticed dirty panties on my hanger! I pointed it out to the cashier telling her, obviously I was going to pass on this item. I wasn’t upset. It happens, right?! Not everyone will try lingerie on with your own panties on. The manager gave me a couple of gift cards for 10% off as an apology.

jennas boudoirLater that week, I was lingerie shopping again, in a different store, in a different city and I was going through a rack of panties…and notices dirty panties! I’ve never really looked for this before, but now I do, and it’s there!

Before purchasing your beautiful lingerie, before even trying it on, check the panties!

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